The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

University of Alicante, Spain

Hello, my name is Ahmet Alasya. I have been awarded to the  type C scholarship program. I have been living in the Spain, in Alicante since the first of October 2017 until the end of May 2018/ The best thing with this scholarschip is personally you can expand your life experience by living in the european country for a while. In my case,  I am so glad to be able to come and have this oppurtunity in my life. I am learning spanish and spanish culture at the same time. I have selected the Idiomas Centre in the University of Alicante and the way how they teach us  is so sytematic and effective. I have chosen this university for learning spanish because of personal interested in Alicante and the other reason is that the university has approval certification from the Institue of Cervantes. I have started from the level of beginner and now ı am in the level of higher intermediate. When ı finish… >>

Baran Bayraktaroglu, Uppsala Sweden

TYPE OF SCHOLARSHIP  EU COUNTRY  ACADEMIC YEAR   Postgraduate  Sweden  2017/2018 My name is Baran Bayraktaroglu. I am a theoretical physics masters student at Uppsala University, in Uppsala, Sweden. I was awarded the Type B3 – Postgraduate scholarship from the EU Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community. I received the scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year. I chose Sweden as a place to continue my academic career because I have heard of how high the living standards are in the country. To give an example, people here give a certain level of attention to recycling. All of the apartments have rooms for recycling, full of individual trash compartments for each type of trash. Swedish people are very sensitive to recycling. And my Norwegian friends are also sensitive towards the issue, and they say recycling is a common practice in Scandinavia. When I came… >>

Studying in Spain

Barselona’da Eğitim Görmek 2016-2017 Akademik yılında bir arkadaşımın bana Avrupa Komisyonu tarafından Kıbrıs Türk toplumuna yönelik verilen burs olanağından bahsetmesi üzerine hemen burs programını tanıtım etkinliğine katıldım. Ardından, bu güzel fırsatın kaçırılmaması gerektiği düşündüm ve biraz branşımla ilgili olarak(Biyoloji Öğretmeni), biraz da kişisel gelişim adına iki ay süresince Barselona’da İspanyolca dil eğitimi alma fırsatını yakaladım. 27 yaşıma kadar Avrupa’da herhangi bir şehre gitme fırsatı bulamamışken, aynı yılın Şubat ayında Barselona’ya yapmış olduğum kısa süreli bir ziyaretten sonra İspanyolca öğrenmek için bursu alıp kesinlikle bu şehre gelmem gerektiğini hissettim. Öncelikle, kendi çabalarımla ilerletebildiğim ve ülkemizde profesyonel olarak almayı isteyip herhangi bir kurumda bulamadığım bu eğitim fırsatını bana sunan AB burs programı ve British Council yetkililerine… >>

Studying in UK!

I am a computer engineer who has been working as a teacher of ICT and computer studies for about 10 years, and doing related activities like writing and editing textbooks, preparing and proofreading questions for an examination board, preparing and publishing free education videos on YouTube, and giving courses about how to use technology in the classroom. As technology changes so fast, if you want to “stay in good shape” in this field, you need to update and improve your skills regularly. Reading books and technical periodicals, and watching lessons published at different websites, are good methods but not always sufficient.    To become more confident especially in practical issues of computer networks and security I decided to take some CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and EC-Council courses. I knew that the European Union is giving scholarships to Turkish-Cypriots in order to study in Europe.… >>

Studying in Ireland

 TYPE OF SCHOLARSHIP EU COUNTRY  ACADEMIC YEAR   Short Term Professional  Republic of Ireland 2013/2014  Teacher Training was my aim, after completing all education in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing. I have seen that there was a scholarship for this purpose and I have decided to apply. I found the college at present I am studying in Ireland. The College is well known in Dublin  and after contacting them, presenting my qualifications I had been accepted to the Teachers Training.  After, all was done for the requirement needed by EU. The reason I have chosen Ireland is that its a European Country and Dublin is ideal location to make further education. Until I decided to come to Ireland I did not know anything about Ireland.  However this was not an obstacle for me and within a short time I became very familiar to Dublin. I had my beauty therapy education in UK and the life… >>

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