The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

 Short Term Professional  Republic of Ireland 2013/2014 

Teacher Training was my aim, after completing all education in Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing. I have seen that there was a scholarship for this purpose and I have decided to apply. I found the college at present I am studying in Ireland. The College is well known in Dublin  and after contacting them, presenting my qualifications I had been accepted to the Teachers Training.  After, all was done for the requirement needed by EU. The reason I have chosen Ireland is that its a European Country and Dublin is ideal location to make further education. Until I decided to come to Ireland I did not know anything about Ireland.  However this was not an obstacle for me and within a short time I became very familiar to Dublin.

I had my beauty therapy education in UK and the life is almost the same here.  The people are very kind and till now I met lots of different people with various level of experience. I really enjoyed the time I am here and I would like to mention that studying in European Countries gives confidence and you gain a lot of experience that you cant do in your country.

After completing  my present education I would like to continue on further educations in my field to get further more qualifications which will help me establish my bussiness in Cyprus.  My aim is to be able to provide the same education system with the same standards in our country. Hopefully in the future I can be able to provide these qualifications in our country for our residents also. If they can be able to qualify in our country with the same standards, it will make me more than happy.

 Edihan Akarsoy



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