The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

Hello, my name is Ahmet Alasya. I have been awarded to the  type C scholarship program. I have been living in the Spain, in Alicante since the first of October 2017 until the end of May 2018/

The best thing with this scholarschip is personally you can expand your life experience by living in the european country for a while. In my case,  I am so glad to be able to come and have this oppurtunity in my life.

I am learning spanish and spanish culture at the same time. I have selected the Idiomas Centre in the University of Alicante and the way how they teach us  is so sytematic and effective. I have chosen this university for learning spanish because of personal interested in Alicante and the other reason is that the university has approval certification from the Institue of Cervantes.

I have started from the level of beginner and now ı am in the level of higher intermediate. When ı finish the course, ı will be able to complete the advance-initial level which will give me chance to continue in Cyprus.

I feel like ı am  in other chapter of mylife as a student and am so happy to do that with the help of this scholarship program. The life has a good manner for people in here in which every one seems so happy and it affects the way how ı look at my life too. I can compare the difference of  living conditions between two places. Once again, ı have realized that we have to improve the quality of living in Cyprus or at least in the Turkish part. As a teacher ı feel like ı have to give my students healthy mind ideas, ideas about how  they can improve themself and as a result what  can we do for improving the best  living conditions in Cyprus. We have really beautiful place to life but somehow throughout the years we have made it unbareable to live. With the help of my living experience in here,  ı would like to give my best to create better environment  for living.

Finally ı would like to thank European Union for giving me this oppotunity to follow my desires about life.


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