The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

General Conditions for All Applicants

  • Scholars are responsible themselves to obtain a visa if required by the host country. EU Scholarship Programme does not provide immigration advice to scholars and reserves the right to cancel the scholarship awarded if the scholar is unable to secure a visa to enter the host country. Even if the grant contract is signed, British Council reserves the right not to make the payment until the visa is secured by the scholar. 
  • Applicants must declare that there are no health conditions preventing them to attend and complete the programme they want to study/attend. 
  • Scholars are responsible for obtaining insurance including healthcare coverage for the duration of their stay in the host country. In the event of serious health or welfare issues that occur after the scholar’s arrival in the host country, British Council cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred. See our Study In Europe page for guidance and advice.  
  • Applicants in employment are advised to make appropriate arrangements with their employers with regard to their work leave before applying. They will have to clarify with their employer by themselves the contractual/financial arrangements related to their period of study and their return to work.  
  • Applicants are responsible themselves for making arrangements with their selected university/school/company/organization/institution in order to obtain unconditional offer / invitation letter. Applicants are advised to do this as early as possible in the scholarship application process. 
  • British Council reserves the right to request clarifications and submission of further supporting documents from successful applicants to check the origin of submitted documents. The award of the Scholarship to those successful applicants whose documents show evidence of being fabricated will be cancelled.  
  • Scholars are expected to attend the events (i.e. pre-departure meeting, de-briefing sessions, network events, focus groups, etc.) organized in the framework of the EU Scholarship Programme.  

N.B. Turkish Cypriots working in the European Union Programme Support Office (EUPSO) or British Council Cyprus at the deadline for application are not eligible to apply due to potential conflict of interest. This restriction also applies to their children, spouse, parents and siblings. The same principle will apply to other stakeholders who are involved in the process directly.



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