The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

Alumni Networking Event - Bedesten, Nicosia 19/09/2018

Networking event for the 2018-19 Scholars and the all Alumni of the EU Scholarship Programme, from 2007/08 to 2018/19 Academic Years, was organized on 19 September 2018 at Bedestan in Nicosia.   

This was the first event where aumni from all years came together to meet, and exchange their experiences in Europe.  The event was attended by various stakeholders and contacts from embassies and consulates.  Officials from local universities and local unions and chambers were also in attendance.  Mr Kjartan Björnsson, Head of Unit, Structural Reform Support Service, European Commission and Mr. Cemal Ozyigit, Head of Turkish Office of Education both made opening speeches at this event.

A session called ‘Alumni Human Library’ where five members alumni shared their experiences and answered questions by the audience about their experiences in living and how studying in Europe changed their lives.  

A video was prepared of alumni talking about the importance of the EU Scholarship and their experiences of living and studying in Europe.  A group of alumni from various years and experiences in different countries and universities volunteered to be in the video.  

The video can be viewed from this website.  Please click here to view photographs from the Alumni Event. 

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