The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

Applications for the EU scholarships are ONLINE ONLY. No hard copy of application form and documents are required. The application process will be managed through the online portal, which will be activated on Monday 13 January 2020.  Applicants can ONLY apply for one Type of Scholarship. A passport sizephoto, a copy of personal identification document with photo (ID or passport) and relevant eligibility documents (see section 8) will be uploaded on the portal while submitting the application form. The deadline for submitting the online application along with the required eligibility documents is Tuesday 10 March 2020, by 23.59 hours Cyprus time. Online application portal will be automatically closed for applications after this time. Application forms received by post or email will not be accepted.

It is the applicants’ own responsibility to complete the application form and upload the required eligibility documents on the application portal. British Council reserves the right to cancel an award to a nominee in case(s) s/he is not able to provide such documents within the deadline set.

The guidelines and other documents including useful information will be available at our official website, sas of Monday 13 January 2020. Applicants are advised to complete their application after they have read carefully the Guidelines and all the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) raised by the other applicants, which will be published on the website on regular basis.

See Annex 2 for Step by Step Guideline: How to Fill in the Online Application Form.