The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

Change of Host Country/Programme/Institution

Change of Host Country/Host Institution/Programme Duration

Nominated and reserve candidates may request to change the host country, host institution and the duration of the programme (for short term programmes) latest by 6 September 2020. This can be done only on the condition that the subject they want to study remains in the same subject area indicated on the application form.

Change of Host Country:

Under no circumstances can a nominated or a reserve candidate request to change the initial choice of country indicated on their application form from any EU country to UK or from UK to any other EU country. Those who indicated an EU country except UK on their application form can change their choice of EU country latest by 6 September 2020.

Change of Host Institution:

All nominees and all reserves need to specify a university or host institution on their portal by 6 September 2020.  If they wish to make any changes after this date, they need to get the approval from British Council. Since tuition fee will be paid directly to the host institution, no changes can be made after processing the payment of the tuition fee. 

Change of Duration (for short term programmes):

The length of the course for short term programmes should be between 2-6 months and cannot be increased after the submission of the online application form. However, if the duration of the programme is less than the one indicated in the online application form this would be acceptable i.e. duration of the short term programme can be reduced from 6 to 4 months but not vice-versa.



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