The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

Required Documents at Application Stage



Required Documents*



 Proof of Identification

  • ID or passport (same to be used throughout the process)
  • 1 passport size photo


 I was born in Cyprus.

 I belong to the Turkish Cypriot Community

 Birth Certificate


 I was not born in Cyprus, but my   mother /father was born in Cyprus

 Birth Certificate of applicant


 Birth Certificate of mother or father (whichever is   relevant)


 I am a resident in the northern   part of Cyprus

 Certificate of Residence


 Proof of 7 years education

 Official document from school /education   authority*


*Diplomas prove only one year of education. 

 All PD/UG candidates

 All PG candidates

Postgraduate students, recent PhD  graduates, final year medical students and  recently qualified general practitioners  applying for STP

 Proof of Enrolment to the current   year of study i.e. academic year   2019/20

 A copy of official transcripts of the last finalized   semester or an official document (öğrenci belgesi) from school/education authority

 All candidates enrolled as student for   2019/20 academic year.

 Proof of the most recent degree   (high school, university, master,   PhD. etc.) obtained.


 Graduation diploma/certificate received from the   most recent educational institution graduated.



 (excluding candidates enrolled as final year   high school students in 2019/20 academic   year)

 Minimum three years of work   experience between 1 January   2015 – 10 March 2020

 Certificate of Employment/   unemployment/business registration document   (whichever is applicable)

 All professionals applying for PD/UG, PG   and STP, excluding

  • recent high school, university, PhD graduates
  • recently qualified general practitioners

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