The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

After overall scores have been calculated and ranking lists have been prepared, these will be presented to the Approval Board (AB) which consists of representatives from European Commission, EU Member States, Education and/or local authorities.  The Approval Board will review the results and make final reccommendations to the EU Scholarship Programme Team who will then make any adjustments to the category/sub-category grant allocations and applicants will be informed of the results.

In order to ensure maximum utilization of funds the British Council reserves the right to re-allocate funding between the categories/sub-categories, should there not be enough candidates who qualify in one or more of the categories/sub-categories.

During the period between issuing results  and contract signing, if any successful candidate  in the final award list is unable to take up the scholarship, for any reason, or there is sufficient funding in any category to extend the award list, scholarships will be offered to those on the reserve list based on their ranking  within the allocated quotas.



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