The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

All applicants submitting an online application will be invited to sit for the written tests which will be administered on Saturday 20 April 2019 in Nicosia. The venue and time of the tests will be announced in the letter of confirmation that the applicants will receive via e-mail. This information will also be announced on the website in due course.  

Candidates should ensure that they are available in person to take the tests in Cyprus on the designated date as no exceptions will be made. Applicants should bring the ID they have used for application as a proof of identification on the exam day. More information will be posted on

There will be two tests in the selection process;

  • Test 1 – Verbal Numerical and Visual-Spatial (VNVS) Test (50%)
  • Test 2 – Motivation Letter (50%)

These tests can be taken either in English or Turkish. The scores for the above tests will be weighted as 50% each.

Candidates will be ranked from highest to lowest according to their total scores from VNVS test and Motivation Letter. Candidates with higher scores on the ranking list in each category / sub-category will be nominated for a scholarship grant, based on the allocated quota. The number of scholarships is based on the funding allocation for each category / sub-category and the overall scholarship fund.




 General Tips for VNVS Test  Genel Sınav Taktikleri 
 Tips for Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Test  Sözel ve Sayısal Sınav Taktikleri
 Tips For Spatial Reasoning Test  Görsel Uzamsal Sınav Soru Örnekleri
 Verbal Reasoning Sample Test  Sözel Sınav Soru Örnekleri 
 Numerical Reasoning Sample Test  Sayısal Sınav Soru Örnekleri
 Visual-Spatial Reasoning Sample Test  Sözel Sınav Soru Örnekleri 


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