The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community

Verbal Numerical & Visual-Spatial Tests

TEST 1: Verbal Numerical and Visual-Spatial (VNVS) Test is used to measure candidates’ broad capacity in numerical, verbal and visual-spatial dimensions. It is designed to asses candidates’ ability in two broad dimensions; quantitative and qualitative reasoning. Applicants must indicate on the application form whether they want to take the test in Turkish or English and once the application form is submitted, no change can be made in the choice of the language. See Annex 3 for further information and sample questions in the table below: 


 General Tips for VNVS Test  Genel Sınav Taktikleri 
 Tips for Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Test  Sözel ve Sayısal Sınav Taktikleri
 Tips For Spatial Reasoning Test  Görsel Uzamsal Sınav Soru Örnekleri
 Verbal Reasoning Sample Test  Sözel Sınav Soru Örnekleri 
 Numerical Reasoning Sample Test  Sayısal Sınav Soru Örnekleri
 Visual-Spatial Reasoning Sample Test  Sözel Sınav Soru Örnekleri 




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