The European Union Scholarship Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community


Please click on the links below to find universities and further higher education links in the European Union.  The links are external sites and we are not responsible for their content.  

As per the Guidelines, nominees are responsible for obtaining insurance including healthcare coverage for the duration of their stay in the host country. In the event of serious health or welfare issues that occur after the nominees’ arrival in the host country, EU Scholarship Programme, cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred. 

The links below are to help applicants find out about:

  • Studying in Europe - Click on the links below  by the flag to enter the EU Member State's Higher Education website 

  • Within the country link you will find information about accommodation with further links and information about dormitories, private housing/flats etc.

  • It is each candidates responsibility to find out about Healthcare and Health Insurance.  The links below provide information about health and medical insurance.  Further links can also be found on individual university websites.

  • Further information regarding living in Europe, registration as a resident abroad and further information on residence permit's can also be found on the links below.

Country Group 1

EU Member State 

 Higher Education Links

Denmark Flag Study in Denmark
 Finnish flag  Study in Finland
  Irish Flag  Study in Ireland (Republic of Ireland)
 Luxembourg Flag

 Study in Luxembourg

  Swedish Flag  Study in Sweden
UK flag Study in UK



Country Group 2

EU Member State 

 Higher Education Links

 Austria Flag  Study in Austria
 Belgian Flag  Study in Belgium
 Cyprus flag  Study in Cyprus
 French flag  Study in France
 German flag  Study in Germany
 Greek flag  Study in Greece
 Italian Flag  Study in Italy
 Maltese Flag  Study in Malta
 Dutch Flag  Study in Netherlands
 Portugal Flag  Study in Portugal
 Spain Flag  Study in Spain


Country Group 3



EU Member State 


 Higher Education Links

 Bulgarian Flag

 Study in Bulgaria
  Croatian Flag  Study in Croatia
 Czech Republic Flag  Study in Czech Republic
 Estonia Flag  Study in Estonia
 Hungarian Flag  Study in Hungary
  Latvian Flag  Study in Latvia
 Lithuanian Flag  Study in Lithuania
  Polish Flag  Study in Poland
 Romanian Flag  Study in Romania
 Slovakia Flag  Study in Slovakia
 Slovenia Flag  Study in Slovenia


 For further external links for studying and living in Europe please click here.


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